Parent Testimonials

Patrick Short ★★★★★

“We've been looking for a full day preschool for the last 6 months, to no avail. We were confused why so little options were offered in the area.

Yesterday, we were lucky that our friend told us that her granddaughters teacher is opening up an all day preschool. So we knew that we had to find out more!

Once we met with the director, Kristen, we knew that we found the right place! She was warm, welcoming, and friendly. She comes across as genuinely passionate about helping little ones learn, and we are very impressed with her credentials too!

We have very high hopes for our son starting here soon, and can't wait to see how everything turns out!”

Liz Minton Lee ★★★★★

“My kids have been attending 4 days a week since the beginning and the amount they have learned is incredible! They love going to school, they love their fellow classmates and really love their teachers. I couldn’t ask for a better learning environment for my children!”

Stephanie Pape Johnson ★★★★★

“So excited to find a preschool that is full day! My daughter had her first day today and loved it!”

Anne Bowers ★★★★★

“Kristen is an excellent teacher. She is friendly and very positive. This will be a wonderful place for little kids.”

Shanna Clausen Golladay ★★★★★

“Two of my daughters had Kristin as a teacher (3rd grade) and they both adored her. She challenged them academically and made her classroom a fun learning environment. One still idolizes her to this day (5 years later) and she will be hard to drop from her pedestal. I also coached Kristin and she is by far one of the top 5 most coachable athletes I coached. Her work ethic was top notch and her desire to excel was unbeatable. She was always a team player and well-liked by her peers, teachers and coaches. Why do I mention these things? Because they were the start of how she holds herself as an adult and business owner. You will be making a huge mistake by not putting your child in her program! Mrs. Brandt we wish you all the best in your new adventure!!”

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