Parent Testimonials

Monica Brown ★★★★★

"Level Up is just that! A giant LEVEL UP above all others! We drive all the way from West Richland/Benton City so that our daughter can attend this preschool. I really can not say enough great things about this school, the teachers, the owners....all of it is on point! Our previous preschool seemed so 're-active' vs. Level Up, which is very much pro-active. Within a week of our daughter attending, you could see how much she loved going to school, how much she was learning and how engaged she was. She is MORE than ready for Kindergarten and I just adore what the teachers at Level Up have done for us! Thank you so much!!!! We have very high hopes for our son starting here soon, and can't wait to see how everything turns out!”

Kashmir Snyder ★★★★★

Cannot say enough good things about Level Up! The teachers and administrators are phenomenal, and such a pleasure to work with as a parent. They work to your child’s level and interests and teach life skills in a fun way. We love Level Up!

Audeena Smith ★★★★★

We love Level Up Preschool. The communication with parents is amazing. My son has made so much growth this year. 10/10 recommend them!

Rachel Holland ★★★★★

My son has been going to this school since October and he absolutely loves it and so do I. The staff are kind, understanding and great with communication. I feel like they know and care about my son. They always have a personal detail about his day and he is always excited to tell me about his day. He loves going to school here and I know he is getting the attention, education and care he needs.

Kellie Easley ★★★★★

"We could not be happier about the nearly 2 years our son has spent at LevelUp. Since day one, their teachers have been such a positive force in his life. Offering the perfect balance of play based learning and social emotional growth far beyond the typical preschool experience. He is ready to take on Kindergarten due to the strong foundation they have given him. Thanks for all you’ve done for us LevelUp ❤️"

Jessica Reed Rittenhouse ★★★★★

"Such a great school!!! Caring teachers, diverse curriculum, lots of art and STEM activities. AND THEY HAVE A FULL DAY OPTION!! I couldn’t have been more pleased with my daughter’s experience here. Thank you, Level Up! 💛"

Sarah 'Enteshary' Nickel ★★★★★

"My son attended Level Up for a year, and in that year I saw great growth and progress in literacy and math, but more importantly in his social emotional skills. The staff show that they truly care. Every day at drop off, there were smiling faces and the teachers intentionally greeted the kids and the parents. In addition, the communication was excellent. Using the app Brightwheel, staff communicated what was happening throughout the week, including the skills being covered. Pictures were even sent during naptime of activities done throughout the day, as to not interfere with teaching time. It was especially nice to receive pictures of a happy, smiling kid that was not in such a good mood at drop off. We also really liked the fact that there were healthier food options served at Level Up and for an affordable rate. In the rare occurrence that there was a sweet treat served for a birthday or party, we were always informed, so we could send an alternate snack, as we chose to not let our son have refined sugars. In terms of the curricular materials, Level Up goes above and beyond. My son thrived on the structure, but also benefited from the free play. As a teacher, it was nice to see the use of a research-based material to support my son’s literacy skills (Handwriting Without Tears) and social emotional skills (Filling Buckets-Green/Red Choices). It is obvious that the director, Kristin Rodriguez, Peggie Vasquez other staff have a background and knowledge in Early Childhood Education. The facility is top notch. The entire building was obviously designed with kids in mind, which made my son feel much more comfortable. He could reach the sinks and the toilets without a step stool! I cannot say enough good things about the Level Up PreSchool and staff, and even months later and across the world, my son still talks about his “blue school.” J The time he had there was so precious, and we are thankful we had the opportunity to have him attend. I highly recommend Level Up if you are looking for a PreSchool for your child in the Tri Cities area."

Kyung-Ah Park ★★★★★

"My daughter was enrolled elsewhere initially; I will omit the name and just call it the "kid repository". After an abysmal experience, we found Level Up Preschool. My daughter absolutely loved her experience and we were thrilled with what they had to offer. The preschool is often revamped and refreshed with new materials/toys, the lunch and snacks are so nutritious and such a step up from what we've become accustomed to. Most importantly, the teachers and staff pay very close attention to the individual needs of the child. For example, my child struggled with learning how to accept failure and struggling to be okay with mistakes. The teachers noticed this quickly and it became a focus of theirs. We worked in tandem to ensure that our kiddo got a consistent message at school and home. This helped her immensely. The communication between family and staff was incredible with constant feedback. I recommend Level Up highly."

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