What We Believe

Our mission at Level Up Preschool is to provide quality, trustworthy education and care for your children. Our goal is to educate and care for the whole child. Helping the children in our care grow and flourish is key. This takes place when children feel safe and loved. We will get to know each child and their individual needs. Activities and instruction will be planned based on the needs of our children. Our number one goal is to provide a positive environment for all children that will promote social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth. We provide a complete education for your child.


We believe in play-based learning in a print rich environment. Literacy, math, science, and social studies will all be taught alongside polite play, problem solving and many different character traits. We emphasize providing developmentally appropriate activities and lessons for our students to best prepare them for the formal school setting. Inquiry activities will provide the opportunity for the children to explore and investigate their own wonderings while interacting with their peers and teachers. We believe that a child’s social-emotional development takes priority over their academic development and have structured our program to reflect this. 

Are You Ready to Meet the Teachers?

They’re fun, friendly, and fascinated with learning!